Anna Salumbides
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 Step into your highest self

Let go of expectations and create the opportunity to move forward.


I’m Anna Salumbides

I’m a filipina energy healing practitioner, and my intent is to help women like you clear emotional baggage so you can claim the life you desire.

The expectation to lead a certain type of life and career is very real in our community. We can experience fear when we consider stepping away from the path others expect us to follow. We take on too much and can feel overwhelmed because that’s what we see in our role models. This narrative can create unprocessed emotions of guilt, fear, overwhelm, confusion, worthlessness, and failure.

For years, I put my big dreams on hold, passing up exciting opportunities and passionate business ideas - paralyzed by fear.

Fed up with the pattern of letting myself down, I started to explore my subconscious mind, and what I discovered led me to where I am today. Tapping into my internal source of wisdom has allowed me to create a life I had only dreamed of before, and I can’t wait to help you create the opportunity to do the same.


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